FM 200 Fire Suppression System – Extinguish Flames Right Away

At A1 Fire Fighting, we equip people with the right tools to put out fires before they pose bigger risks. We provide a broad range of fire-fighting equipment, including a top-rated FM 200 suppression system: Fire Suppress 227.



Fire Suppress HFC-227ea Clean Agent

A trademark of Fire Suppress HFC-227ea, Heptafluoroproprane, Fire Suppress 227® is a highly effective gaseous fire-suppressing agent applicable for various kinds of fires, including flammable liquids, electrical equipment and industrial applications.

It is recommended for incidents where:

  • Cleaning up other medium presents a problem
  • Use of electrically non-conductive medium is necessary
  • People compatibility is a prevailing factor / concern
  • Environmental impact should be considered

This fire-suppressing agent contains zero ozone-depleting potential, minimal global warming risk, and a short atmospheric lifespan, making it the best choice for new installations that use the Fire Suppress total flooding system, as well as for Halon 1301 replacements.

It is made up of an odorless and colorless liquefied compressed gas, which is stored in liquid form and then released to flame hazards as a colorless, electrically non-conductive vapor. Since it is clear, it does not hamper physical vision. In addition, it leaves no residues and contains acceptable toxicity levels that make it suitable for use within occupied spaces at its designed concentration.

It extinguishes flames by combining chemical and physical elements. It does not dislodge, so it is safe to use within occupied spaces without the threat of oxygen deprivation.

A1 Fire Fighting – One of Dubai’s most reliable FM 200 fire suppression system suppliers

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