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In times of distress, having high visibility emergency lights can mean the difference between safety and danger.Ensure you have top grade emergency lights. Partner with the leading emergency exit light suppliers in Dubai and the UAE today – A1 Fire Fighting.



We offer the best quality emergency lights from Harper

Harper is the line of LED emergency and signaling luminaires that provides a vast choice of power, autonomy, IP grade and much more.

The use of energy-saving LED technology with exclusive patented optics guarantees high light flow and eliminates the risk of glare. The Harper line includes signaling luminaires with plexiglass diffusers that come in various sizes and with different visibility distance. All Harper line models are specifically optimized for fast trouble-free installation.

The flexibility of these products permits wall, ceiling, flush and suspended mounting thanks to dedicated kits. New high-performance lithium ion batteries (LiFePO4) provide Harper emergency luminaires with optimum reliability even in high temperature environments.

Longer lasting and more compact, secure and eco-friendly than ordinary nickel cadmium or metal hydride batteries. All models provide a test button which also functions as a brightness dimmer for maintained emergency luminaires.

The leading-edge Harper emergency luminaires are available in four versions: standard version; self-test version, which detects faults automatically; BUS interface version, which is supervised by the control panel; central-battery version, for a centralized power-supply system.

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Our company is ready and capable of providing fire suppression systems and signaling technologies to clients across the country. Our nationwide distribution network enables us to meet the needs of clients promptly and efficiently.

More importantly, our products are all up to par with international industry standards and requirements set by the Dubai Municipality and the other municipalities in the UAE for building safety. All these make us the most trusted exit light supplier in the country today.

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