Prakhar Prajapati

General Manager

Prakhar Prajapati holds his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s degree in petroleum engineering and operations management.

He is licensed by Dubai Civil Defense for FM200, Fire Pumps, Sprinkler Systems and Extinguishers.

His experience in the firefighting industry started from 2011 with part time jobs in watermist projects and working in the JAFZA fire station for technical support. He started full time from 2015 onwards in turn key projects (commercial, industrial and substations) and fit out jobs giving him experience in all types of fire fighting equipment.

Feruz Astanov

Business Development Manager

Mr. Feruz Astanov is a Marketing Specialist with a proven record of leadership and domination throughout various departments across different companies. Having graduated from University of Wales, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Mr. Astanov has worked in several countries, such as USA, China and UAE, where he gained vital experience and raised awareness of the most recent and trending marketing strategies. Possesses solid knowledge of digital marketing and fluently speaks several languages including widely spoken Russian, Chinese and English. Multinational experience and multilingual skills make him a valuable asset to a respectful company.

Degin PS

Commissioning Engineerr

DEGIN PS is an ENGINEER in Electronics and Instrumentation and he is specialized in the field of safety
He has experience in Addressable fire detection systems, Sprinkler systems, wet systems, Special
systems and Central battery systems.

He has worked on various projects across UAE and INDIA as a project in charge and technical head.

Gerald Melizo

FM200 Gas suppression system specialist

Gerald L. Millezo is a licensed of Electronics and Communication Engineer in the Philippines. He started working in the field of Fire Protection System since 2014 as a Technical Support Engineer specializing in Gaseous Fire Suppression System such as FM200, Inert Gas (IG-541; IG-100), and Novec1230. He engaged in various design of Clean Agent System Projects in UAE and Middle East in accordance of NFPA 2001 and BS EN 15004:1 and able to design complicated hazard rooms with volumes ranging from 1000 to 2000 cubic meter. Gerald has also a decent knowledge of Fire Alarm and Detection System and other Fire Fighting System.