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Fires can cause irreparable damage to homes and businesses. Take the first step to suppressing fires and preventing loss of life and property damage. Acquire a reliable flame extinguisher from one of the leading fire extinguisher suppliers in UAE today – A1 Fire Fighting.

We provide quality fire suppression products in Dubai and the entire UAE

A1 Fire Fighting is a specialized supplier that focuses on the development and distribution of world-class flame suppression systems to companies, facilities, properties, and homes across the city of Dubai and the entire UAE.

As a former subsidiary of Vision Safety LLC, we have inherited the same commitment to provide industry standard equipment and systems to help ensure the safety of our clients, here and abroad.

Our products have been checked, tested, and certified under recognized European quality standards, lending us and our clients lasting reassurance and peace of mind. We have served as a fire extinguisher supplier to companies and facilities in Turkey, Italy, and the United States.

Now, we are excited to bring our products, expertise, and commitment to top class quality to customers all over Dubai and the UAE.

Our available fire suppression and extinguisher variants

We offer two types of fire extinguishers: Dry Chemical Powder and Carbon Dioxide.

Dry Chemical Powder extinguishers are designed to spray very fine powder on to flames to take them out. The powder spray envelopes and smothers the flames, cutting off its oxygen. This causes the flames to gradually die down.

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers, on the other hand, release a fine liquid spray of C02. This cools down the flames in addition to neutralising its oxygen supply. Because C02 does not harm electronic devices, this is the perfect choice for offices with electrical equipment and similar workplaces.

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